Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Form-based codes

I just started this blog as an output for all of the different aspects of urban planning that I have been coming across and ideas that relate. I have been into urban planning since I was a child and did not understand why the cars had a place on the road and people ... but nowhere for bikes. I thought, "What a crack!!!" I was nine.

Well, I've grown and I'm still exploring many aspects of design, transportation, public engagement, justice, nature, economic development within the urban framework.

Today, I'll start with one of favorite possibilities which has a lot of potential: Form-Based Codes.

Where zoning tends to look at cities on paper, Form-Based Codes seem to account for framing the public realm. It's been used for centuries all over the world. The Greeks used it during their heyday, the Spanish used it in the Laws of the Indies (Leyes de Indias). In the United States zoning came around and some-how we've lost much of it -- until the New Urbanists came around in the '80s. Muchas gracias to them!

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Check out http://www.formbasedcodes.org/ to learn more!

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