Wednesday, August 1, 2012

San Salvador cycle-track

San Salvador traffic congestion including a cycle-track.   
Looking at the news in El Salvador, I came across this photo.  The news story was about closing Avenida Jerusalén for road work.

I was very surprised to see a cycle track.  It looks like they're beginning to do some work on their streets for bicycles. The is very promising, indeed.   They have great opportunities throughout the country for extensive bicycle networks. Generally, the cities are jammed with traffic and few families own cars

Bicycle planning fosters equity and growth
They are such a small country and space is limited.  It doesn't make sense sustainably to give all the space to the cars. Bicycles are cheap and available.  Land use patterns support bicycle use in the developed areas and on the roads through the countryside. It's a cheap, easy and effective transportation solution. cars should not intimidate and threaten other uses of the road.  Everybody should have equal rights to the public space.

While doing my Peace Corps service in El Carmen, La Unión, El Salvador, a person driving a car struck and killed an eight-year old boy who was crossing the PanAmerican.  I have still hear the sound of the crash.  No parent should have to bury their own child.